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Car leasing quoting system

ABC Leasing needed a way to improve their car quotation process. A manual process that could usually take days was reduced to seconds with the use of our digital solutions. We developed a tailor-made application that generates immediate quotations and gives a better case follow up.

On the second phase, we implemented Business Intelligence solutions that work with the information acquired from the first system, creating key indicators that can be accessed from both mobile devices and the web.

These were accompanied by a management system that enables ABC to have control of the information shared with stakeholders of the process.

First year results


vehicle quotations


pesos quoted


new contracts



Affiliate recruiting

“ConParticipación”, an NGO, used manual methods to gather information on their new affiliates. We created a mobile app that automates the process and allows easy storage on the central affiliate database.

Demonstrating that not all mobile projects require major investments in equipment or infrastructure, the app does not need 3G or a constant Internet connection. The data acquired is uploaded whenever the app finds an available Wi-Fi connection, making it possible to work offline.

The system was optimized for low-cost Android tablets, significantly reducing the required investment.

By using the app, they were able to reduce the information errors to a third as well as reducing by 17% the amount of rejected emails. Extensive data validation is no longer needed and its quality was vastly improved.



less mistakes


less email bounces

Banking dashboards

TSYS México, a service provider for the country's largest banks, already had a database with critical business information. We collaborated to develop a system that displays it to key users through dashboards.

This system permits a much faster access to critical information compared with the traditional report generation methods and manual data processing.

The project consisted in designing interaction and developing the system for smartphones, tablets and web access.

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