Optimizing the enrollment process for affiliates

Out in the field, an NGO used manual methods to gather information on their new affiliates. We created an app that automates the process and allows for an easier gathering of the information on a central affiliate database.

The process

android app on tablet mockup

Not all mobile projects require major investments in equipment or infrastructure. We needed to develop an app targeted for low-cost tablets, which represented a greater development challenge than doing it for state of the art devices.

As a result, our app does not need a mobile data plan or a constant Internet connection. The recollected information is uploaded whenever the app finds an available Wi-Fi connection, making it possible to work offline.


Digitalizing this process eliminated the need for extensive data validation as the quality of the information was vastly improved.

66.6% fewer mistakes
android app on tablet mockup
17% fewer email bounces

Why it matters

By changing from a manual method of affiliation to a digital one, it was possible to improve and standardize the process.

With the optimization for low-cost Android tablets, we were able to offer a fluid and modern user experience for all types of devices, significantly reducing the hardware investment for the NGO.

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