Automating complex processes to grow a shipping service

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Due to the complexity of their internal processes and the need to handle a large amount of information on a monthly basis, Segmail required a management system tailored to its operation, capable of dealing with the growing size of its business.


As Segmail’s operation grew, so did the amount of information it had to manage. Doing the administrative work manually was no longer sustainable and made it difficult to continue to grow the business.

Segmail required weeks of work each month to process the information needed to figure out how much to charge each client.

The process relied entirely on complex spreadsheets and the thoroughness of its employees to avoid making mistakes or correcting them effectively when needed.

The process

We began by understanding Segmail’s internal operation so we could better design a system that would really solve the problems they were having.

We identified the need to manage tracking numbers, consolidate the information of the different shipping companies Segmail works with, create payment orders, and generate invoices on a monthly basis for each client.

Since Segmail's operation includes several external shipping companies and each of them has different files, standards, and processes to follow, we started by developing a solution for the one with the highest volume. This allowed Segmail to cut back on their administrative workload as fast as possible.

After solving the initial challenges that the first version of the system represented, we now had the necessary understanding and basis to incrementally automate the processes involving the rest of the shipping companies.

We capped our efforts by integrating an external billing system to automatically generate and manage the monthly invoices for each client.


8x Increase in tracking numbers
processed since launch
97% Decrease in processing
time each month
Segmail Web app MVP mockup

Keeping up to date

Since launching, we’ve kept doing improvements and regular maintenance activities for the system. After a few years of growth, we were able to identify important optimization opportunities that were necessary to sustain the increased volume of data that the expanding business demanded.

This update and optimization phase of the system has yielded excellent results; Segmail now takes advantage of the full speed and capacity of its servers with custom-developed software.

We have worked with SISU for over 4 years. Today our business could not operate without their software. During all this time SISU has demonstrated its technical capacity and ability to quickly identify solutions and overcome the challenges that have arisen. They truly understand our business and we consider them a valuable ally."

Jonathan Esses

Why it matters

The management system that we developed for Segmail has allowed them to continue growing their operations and take control of their business. It represented a great challenge of conceptualization, design, and development due to the amount of information that needed processing and the non-standardization in the handling of data by the different shipping companies.

We’ve also been able to prove that our work can adapt to new technologies and changes in the business environment without disrupting Segmail’s operation.

Segmail is an international company in shipping, courier, and parcel services. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Estafeta parcel services for large and small companies.