Improving the car leasing quotation process

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ABC Leasing needed a way to improve their car quotation process. A manual process that could usually take days was reduced to seconds with the use of our digital solutions.

The process

We developed a tailor-made application that generates immediate quotations and gives a better case follow-up.

quotation app mockup on ipad and iphone

As a second phase, we implemented Business Intelligence solutions that work with the information acquired from the quotation system, creating key indicators that can be accessed from both mobile devices and the web.

These were accompanied by a management system that enables ABC to have control of the information shared with stakeholders of the process.

First year results

3154 vehicle quotations
1303 new contracts
84.5% growth
$1,425,000,000.00 pesos quoted
Quotation admin system mockup

Why it matters

Automating the quotation system allowed ABC Leasing to offer its services in real-time to new prospects, enabling a higher amount of new contracts.

After its deployment, SISU kept monitoring the application, learning from real user experience, and identifying opportunities for improvement on future iterations.

Founded in 2004, ABC Leasing is a Mexican company that offers automotive leasing services to individuals and financing for the acquisition of assets (software, furniture, transportation, and industrial equipment, among others) to entrepreneurs and companies.