Reframing and updating an educational service for the current market.

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After several years of developing and selling educational videos and materials through its website, CxVet needed to redesign its image and service to become a modern referent for veterinary consultation.


CxVet was born to help veterinary doctors who didn't have the chance to learn and practice all the different kinds of surgeries that they require in their professional practice.

CxVet's content compiles comprehensive information on major veterinary surgical procedures and techniques through videos and downloadable brochures that offer fast learning and consultation.

Over the years, CxVet had developed a large amount of content that was offered through an online store. When we started the project, both their website and business model were obsolete and needed to be redesigned.

"Our team really enjoyed working with SISU. They helped us reframe our service and commercial model. They are pragmatic and solved every challenge along the way. Thanks to the Vision Sprint, we worked together towards a common goal from the start. We grew and learned a lot along the way, today CxVet is a new company and we are ready for the future."

Miguel Villalva
Founder and CEO
CxVet - Cirugía Veterinaria

The process

We teamed with CxVet in a vision sprint to identify the changes needed on its business model and service in order to make it an attractive and competitive service for today’s digital market.

As part of the chosen business model, we developed two levels of membership to attract potential customers by trying the service before upgrading to the monthly billing subscription.

We also developed an administration system on which CxVet could manage its content and its subscribers. It also included an automated newsletter sent on a monthly basis and a system to send updates and news to the community of users.

Finally, as we identified the need to have up-to-date information on the users’ behavior to make future decisions about the site contents and business strategies, we implemented an analytics engine and user usage statistics on a dashboard within the administration system.


"We’ve had great results. The platform has grown a lot, and they continue to support us each month to make sure we keep up with progress."

Miguel Villalva
Founder and CEO
CxVet - Cirugía Veterinaria

4.2x Premium user accounts
against previous site
28% User growth
in the first year
CxVet responsive website on macbook CxVet responsive website on ipad CxVet responsive website on iphone

Why it matters

Developing the CxVet site allowed us to be part of the transition of an experienced business with an outdated and insecure platform that failed to attract new clients into the latest trends.

We also faced an interesting user migration challenge, both technical and strategical, that required us to offer the best user experience in order to avoid any membership loss.

The result was a successful new platform that has had an excellent reception among its users and with which CxVet has managed to reach a whole new group of clients who were previously unaware of the service.

Founded by experienced veterinary surgeons from Mexico to offer quality surgical educational material, Cirugía Veterinaria is a company with more than 20 years of experience that allows its users to feel supported by an expert surgeon during their procedures.

Endorsed by specialists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), they have become a reference site for veterinary students and specialists all over the world.