Printing your memories: Creating photobooks in minutes, from any device

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Booksnap sought to create a new service in the Mexican market with a friendly mobile photobook printing service that delivers to your doorstep. With a few ideas of how this could look like, they approached us to design and develop their digital product.


For most of us, taking hundreds of photos is now a normal part of our lives, even though they almost always end up being forgotten in the cloud. Booksnap wanted to offer a service that allowed each photo to have its own story and become treasured objects to share and give away again.

Booksnap wanted to offer the experience of reliving these memories through a high quality, physical photo book that would make these pictures regain their place in our lives as treasured objects we can share and gift.

Though there were similar printing services in Mexico, they only offered low quality, generic and overcomplicated designs that could only be acquired in photography stores or on outdated websites with a poor user experience. We wanted to change that.

The process

The first thing we did as a team was to explore similar services that could inspire us, both because of their successes and their shortcomings. With a Service Vision Sprint, we started to define the value proposition and key elements of the experience.

We then identified who our main user was going to be—this helped us define our target platforms and begin development with our core base in mind, starting with an iOS app.

We designed the application flow with fast interactive prototypes that allowed us to identify the type of experience we were looking for and prioritize the functionalities to include in the MVP before starting to develop it.

Iphone native app mockup on editing captions Iphone native app mockup selecting photos from instagram

Initial challenge

Our main goal for the app was to provide an excellent user experience with high performance that would enable the user to quickly and intuitively design and purchase a simple but elegant photobook.

Another one of our goals was to enable Booksnap to manage its service autonomously, streamlining the process and fully automating and integrating the app with the printing and delivery system. We created a comprehensive administration system where Booksnap has a complete view of the users, sales orders, and current promotions.

The app and backend system automatically process and generate the necessary files for the printing press, they are then stored and shared in a cloud service where the physical part of the manufacturing takes over.


The results and demand generated by the iOS App showed a growing interest from users to have the service available on other platforms. Booksnap decided to continue improving its service, not only by adding new functionalities but also by expanding its reach.

The fastest way to keep up with demand was to develop a web app that could serve as an alternative for users who didn’t have iPhones. This was rapidly developed and launched, opening up the service to a larger user base.

Parallel to these efforts, we started developing a native Android App that would complete the suite of applications to serve all platforms.

web app mockup rearranging photos on album android native app mockup rearranging and previewing photos on album


4.6Star rating on the AppStore & PlayStore
68%sale to registered user ratio
"Our users have been thrilled with the apps, and our experience with SISU has been great. Their team is very professional and flexible, we have been working with them since Booksnap was just an idea. Today we have 3 apps and tens of thousands of customers."

Ariela Fridman

Why it matters

The MVP approach allowed us to obtain valuable insights that helped us make the decision to expand the service when the business was already profitable and the brand had positioned itself.

We are very proud of the service we developed jointly with the Booksnap team. The feedback from their users and glowing reviews of the app and service lets us know that all the effort and love we put into this project was worth it.

Booksnap is a Mexican company that offers online photographic and photobooks printing services shipped to the entire country. Born as a startup in 2018, it has managed to position its brand and service in México.