Validating new business ideas to push growth

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As one of several of their growth initiatives, Credijusto sought to assess the feasibility of a referral program for strategic partners that could bring in new clients and expand their footprint. SISU partnered with the commercial team to launch a prototype of the digital service for the program, helping them validate and track its success.


It was important to explore a potential way of accelerating growth with a low-cost prototype that would minimize risk and investment while maximizing learning.

One of the hypothesis that Credijusto seeked to validate was whether current borrowers could become a source of new clients by referring their own customers and suppliers.

With Credijusto averaging a 15% monthly growth in their portfolio, launch speed was a critical factor. Having their engineering team focused on core revenue strategic initiatives, SISU teamed up with Credijusto to speed up the execution.

We set ourselves the goal of developing a pilot program that helps determine the impact this initiative would have on generating new business.

“SISU outbid the competition on everything—price, approach, and estimated time for delivery—and we felt way better with them during the scoping session. They asked intelligent questions from the beginning, challenging our views. It was a pretty easy decision to make.”

Walter Velázquez
Head of Growth Operations & Strategy

The process

Online credit application system

We defined the first prototype with the goal of generating new credit requests from clients referred by our affiliate partners.

The initial prototype included a portal with general information on the benefits of the affiliate program and an online credit application system. To generate the required metrics, we integrated with Credijusto’s backend system. This also allowed the commercial team to track requests through their current pipelines without modifying their operations.

Credijusto web app wireframe form 1
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Credijusto web app wireframe success message
Credijusto web app wireframe upload documents

Automatically generated Landing Pages

The continuous feedback from the team and the results obtained gave us insights on the value proposition that was attractive to program affiliates. We needed to provide the means to offer credit to their clients using their own brand.

To achieve this, we created a tool that enabled them to generate custom landing pages, using their own logo and colors.

generated green landing page
generated yellow landing page
generated blue landing page
generated pink landing page

Final prototype

Web app MVP macbook mockup Web app MVP ipad mockup Web app MVP iphone mockup

The final prototype for the pilot program included:

  • Landing page for the affiliate program
  • Affiliate registration system
  • Affiliate landing page generator
  • Affiliate administration section
  • Affiliate referral reports
  • Referred credit application forms
  • Integration with Credijusto’s CRM


7 Weeks

The first version of the prototype was released 3 weeks into the project.

The final prototype used for the pilot with the self-generated landing pages was completed in 7 weeks.


The budget used was on average 55% lower than traditional development methods.

“What most impressed us about SISU was their ability to understand what the customer actually needs, and to challenge our initial vision, to build a product that’s closer to what we were looking for. We had one idea, and we ended up with something that was 10 miles from that, and it was better. SISU was very good in both navigating this process and in being very respectful and transparent with the cost. It was a very good execution overall.“

Walter Velázquez
Head of Growth Operations & Strategy

Why it matters

The flexible and agile model that we adopted for this project allowed us to quickly start developing based solely on the client’s vision and the set of goals to be achieved.

The pilot program was launched in a short time and Credijusto was able to test their hypothesis, enabling them to refine, validate and rule out expansion initiatives. This resulted in great savings and risk reduction by allowing resources to be allocated to the programs with the greatest impact and that were best aligned with their growth goals.

Credijusto is a leading fintech company that helps Small and Medium businesses to grow, offering them an alternative to traditional banking loans. With an online platform and innovative credit models, focused on the health and performance of each business, they offer solutions in a fraction of time and effort than their competitors. Backed by Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, since 2015 it has served more than 25,000 companies.

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