Decreasing untreated strokes in Mexico and Central America

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We teamed up with Boehringer to design and develop a digital service that provides vital information to health professionals in small hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to quickly identify symptoms of a stroke and refer patients to properly equipped hospitals.


Not every hospital or medical facility in Mexico and Central America is capable of treating a stroke. There is a short timeframe to get proper help to patients and our goal was to reduce the number of mishandled cases.

Boehringer’s “Chameleon Strategy” is a campaign designed to spread awareness and help patients identify the symptoms of a stroke. Together with Medical Associations and the Mexican 911 emergency services, Boehringer sought to provide an effective tool that could locate the nearest equipped hospital to reduce the time it takes to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The process

Web app wireframes

When we began working with Boehringer, there had been a previous unsuccessful effort that didn’t quite achieve the goals they were pursuing. The project had to be rethought.

Working as a team in a Vision, Design and Planning workshop, we started by understanding the goals of the different stakeholders and the process as experienced by a patient. From there we defined the factors that would drive the success of the new service. The gathered insights were used to build a service blueprint, fleshing out the necessary features of the product.

Early on we had decided on an MVP strategy to work with the budgetary and time constraints that the project had. We used horizon planning to determine which features were critical to launch with, as well as what kind of data we were going to collect to start measuring and learning for future development cycles.

MVP results

First year use statistics

12000+ Users
30% Searched for specific hospital information
0.5% Called 911 from the app
275 Hospitals on the app
Boehringer Web app MVP mockup

Iterative development

The successful outcome of the MVP enabled us to start a second phase of development. We included new features and expanded the service to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama.

“SISU helped us understand and shape our project, not only as an app but as a complete service. By taking a user-centered approach, they helped us distinguish between what was essential and what was just nice to have. The product launch was so successful that we decided to expand its reach beyond Mexico”

Jorge Plasencia
Specialty Care Marketing Manager
Boehringer México

Why it matters

This was an opportunity to collaborate with Boehringer as a unified team working on a very interesting challenge. They brought valuable knowledge from previous experiences and we were able to launch a successful product and achieve the project’s goals in record time.

We are really proud of the outcome, as its success means there’s an impact in thousands of lives in the region.

Headquartered in Germany and present in Mexico since 1954, Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. It operates globally with 175 affiliates and more than 51,000 employees.